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8 thoughts on “ Eternally

  1. Eternal definition is - having infinite duration: everlasting. How to use eternal in a sentence.
  2. Grimy and eternally ensnarled in traffic, it is clogged by too many people living in too little space.: Far from being eternally fixed in some essentialist past, identities are subject to the continuous interactions of history, culture and power.: His gravestone is located in front of a quintet of ghostly musicians who eternally perform in the attraction's memorable graveyard scene.
  3. Our joy eternally. (CHORUS) There is joy in your creation, In the message of salvation, And the Paradise to come. But to have your love forever. Is a real and lasting treasure. You alone will prove to be. Our joy eternally. (See also Ps. ; 1 Cor. ).
  4. Everlasting life, often thought of as life that extends into the afterlife. While we all will miss Stu's presence here on Earth, he will now enjoy eternal life in heaven. See also: eternal, life.
  5. I'll be loving you, eternally With a love that's true, eternally From the start within my heart It seems I've always known The sun would shine When you are mine And mine alone. I'll be loving you eternally There'll be no one new, my dear for me Though the skies should.
  6. SYNONYMS FOR eternal 1 permanent, unending. Eternal, endless, everlasting, perpetual imply lasting or going on without ceasing. That which is eternal is, by its nature, without beginning or end: God, the eternal .
  7. Loading More Eternally Sunny Get great stories delivered daily right to your inbox. Editor's Picks. After Seven Months In A Coma Woman's Puzzling Condition Takes An Unsuspecting Turn. Easy Gardening Hacks To Help Bring Out Your Inner Green Thumb.
  8. in a way that lasts forever or for a very long time: the eternally changing seasons eternally weary / sad / cheerful I'd be eternally grateful if you could arrange it.

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